Bandung is the best tourist spot

There are many Bandung tourist places you need to visit. Some of them have been famous enough including Tangkuban Perahu and Tebing Keraton. But do you know that this city has many other recommended attractions?. Some of them are not really popular indeed but they still offer magnificent landscapes and interesting things to do. So, what are those alternative tourist destinations in Bandung?

Bandung tourist places 2019

Kampoeng Tulip, Bandung tourist places

Most of the attractions in the city are located in the southern or northern Bandung. So, why don’t you try to go to the eastern area? There is a new attraction namely Kampoeng Tulip. It is known as the park, playground, and place to relax with family and friends. Interestingly, many visitors just love to go to this area for culinary tourism. Many stalls there offer tasty foods originally from inside and outside Bandung.

WOT Batu

bandung itinerary has a senior painter, Sunaryo. He recently built up a megalithic stone site with a gigantic size. The total area used to place the site is around 2,000 meters square. The name itself is inspired by an ancient Javanese language that means the bridge of soul. This attraction was officially opened for public in 2015. Of course, it can be a good alternative if you want to visit a place that is unique and different from others.

Bambu Village

Another alternative for Bandung tourist places is Bambu Village or Dusun Bambu. It is an eco-tourism area located on the slope of Mount Burangrang. Not only you can see the scenic landscape but also the attraction is really educative. Moreover, there are many spots in this area that is intended for field-study activities. So, it is not surprising if there are many students who walk around in this area.

Jendela Alam

Jendela Alam or the Window of Nature is the next educative tourist spot in Bandung. It is a place for recreation, outbound, and studying for not only adults but also kids and teenagers. In Jendela Alam, you can let your kids learn about nature more easily. The scenery is also as beautiful as other places in Bandung.

Bandung is the best tourist spot

Lembang Floating Market

Have you ever thought about shopping in a floating market? Well, make sure to have this experience in this area. The market’s stalls are made from traditional boats that are floating on the river. Sure, what to sell is just the same as other traditional markets. They are mostly the daily needs like food ingredients. It is not exaggerated to including this market in the list of unique Bandung tourist places.